Best Apple Watch screen protectors

SUPTMAX Tempered Glass

  • Price: $18, eligible for Prime shipping

SUPTMAX makes a tempered glass-based screen protector for those who want no-compromise coverage.

Apple’s smartwatch doesn’t have an edge-to-edge display like the iPhone X. Its display representing the watch face is surrounded by rather thick bezels, so you might want to cover everything in addition to adding some more style. This accessory puts tempered glass over the display and then surrounds the rest of the watch face with a colored lining.

Your color options are black and rose gold. It’s not as many as SUPTMAX offered in the past, though these are two safe choices that will match just about any Apple Watch.

The screen protector itself also has hydrophobic and oleophobic coatings to reject moisture with ease. And, despite being made from tempered glass, you won’t have to worry about this screen protector being too thick or heavy. It measures just 0.2mm to have a barely-there presence while maintaining a purpose.

It’s more expensive than most screen protectors, but that’s simply because SUPTMAX included a high-end shield and a colored lining you won’t find anywhere else.

Buy now: Amazon (38mm) Amazon (42mm)

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