Protect Your Family With the Safest Blinds on the Market Today

Whether you have vertical or Venetian window blinds; they all seem to suffer with similar problematic areas.

  • They gather dust and constantly need cleaning
  • Require maintenance and can be awkward to operate
  • They are noisy when the window is open
  • Conventional blinds are unsafe, especially with cords hanging down.

So you can imagine my pleasant surprise integral blinds when I came across an integral blind system; a blind which actually sits inside a UPVc sealed window or door unit.

After reading some of the literature about the integral blind system, I thought it would be a good idea to share some of my findings with you.

The integral blind has some great features which will make life a lot easier and safer for both you and your family.


The system is controlled two ways; manually or via a remote control unit. The manual option is controlled by two magnets discretely hidden within the unit. The magnets control the operation of the blinds; allowing you to raise, lower and tilt the blinds to a comfortable setting.

The remote control option speaks for itself. You can operate up to 15 sets, with 14 blinds in a set. So, when your sat watching television and the sun creates a glare on the TV screen, you don’t need to get up; you can alter the blinds from the touch of a button.

Maintenance Free

The Integral blind system is housed inside the double glazed argon gas-filled unit, which protects the blind from damage, dirt and grime, meaning the blind never needs cleaning and is completely maintenance free.

There is no risk of damage to the slats due to the blind being housed within the unit. The blind is also protected from the elements and will never lose colour.

Reduced Noise

When you open your windows the incoming draft or wind can rattle or even damage your traditional blinds. This is not possible with the integral blind system, as it sits behind the glass, away from the elements.


With so many stories in the news relating to accidents with blinds and the cords which hang down, this product was like a breath of fresh air. There are no cords with this blind system; even if you opted for the manually operated system.


You even have a choice of colours which include; white, cream, silver, grey and black. Enough colours to match any window, door or conservatory colour scheme.

This is a great system which could be incorporated into any home. The system is non intrusive, quiet, safe and maintenance free. A great addition to any home.

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