Vector Art

vector art

If you choose the wrong order, there may be gaps or errors in the design text. The path pattern will determine the entire design and completion time. The digitizer then creates the best artwork based on which stitch, assigning the stitch type to each group. The digitizer adds a bottom layer stitch that helps create a perfect logo. The liner helps the fabric stabilize and has a smooth surface so that the design can continue without any hindrance. Three types of stitch types operate, satin and fill stitches, and each stitch requires a different type of change.There are also some embroidery digitization and vector art conversionĀ companies on the Internet, but because this is a very skilled job, consumer decisions must be made wisely because not all companies have real expertise. In this process, the digitizer first studies and analyzes how the embroidery is performed and see if any changes need to be made. It is then modified in the graphics program with logos and text and then opened in the embroidery program for further editing. A stitch file must be created and the digitizer must decide how the pattern will work. The path can determine where the design is and when it will complete.


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