Ways to Prevent Pitbull Attacks

Most of use love dogs since they are very loving and sweet. For some reasons, pitbulls are known to have a notorious image because they are always associated with dog fights. For most owners, however, pitbulls are just like ordinary pets. But sometimes, pitbulls tend to attack strangers. At any rate, however, below are some tips on how you prevent pitbull attacks in the future.

The first tip is to avoid eye
Filhotes de Pitbull e American Bully à Venda – Canil Pit Bully contact with a relative strange pitbull. Pitbulls actually interpret eye contact as a sign of challenging them. If the pitbull perceives you as weak and fragile, they can attack you if they wish. In essence, eye contacts with strange pitbulls provoke their aggressive behavior.

Second, never do some abrupt movements. In case you are around a strange dog, you might want to move slowly. Jerky movements should be avoided. In case a seemingly aggressive dog wants to attack you, do not run away. This could provoke a dog or pitbull to attack you. The best response is to slowly go away from the dog. Kids are prone to pitbull attacks since their tendency is to cry, scream or run away when they see dogs or pitbulls.

Understand that some breeds are known to engage in attacks. With history as basis, some breeds are really more aggressive than others. And the aggressive breeds include pitbulls. Others are German Shepherds and Rottweilers. These breeds can also be sweet and affectionate, especially to their owners. However, they are still known to be normally engaged in dog attacks like among children.

Even if a strange pitbull is on leash, do not attempt approaching them. If the owner of the pitbull allowed you to approach the dog, try to approach them slowly. If you wish, talk with soft words. You can also allow the pitbull to smell your hand before touching the dog. Also, be keen and observe if the dog is comfortable with you. Some signs include a wagging tail and a relaxed body. If you see that the pitbull growls or stiffen, then try to slowly go away from the dog. Do not also immediately allow a kid approach a strange pitbull.

Stay calm to conceal your anxiety. You can provoke the aggressive behavior of a pitbull if you start showing signs of fear or anxiety.

You can always avoid pitbull attacks. You just need to know how to handle the situation. The main tip here is that do not provoke a pitbull to be aggressive. They can be kind and sweet pets, but they also have their limits when it comes to their behavior. Relatively, trained pitbulls, or trained dogs in general, have higher tolerance before resorting to an attack. Despite this, however, do not be so sure of all pitbulls even if they are trained.

Pitbull attacks can always be prevented if you know the things that provoke their anger. If you are planning to take care of one, make sure to seek the guidance of a professional pitbull trainer to be sure.

Pitbulls and Other Breeds

There one very important pit-bull information. These dogs can’t tolerate the other dogs as these pitbulls are dog aggressive. These pitbulls are very aggressive towards the dogs of other breeds especially if the dogs are of same sex.

At puppy stage these pitbulls can tolerate the other breeds. This may mislead the inexperienced owner. The person with sufficient pitbull information will be the perfect owner for these popular breed of dogs.

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